IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Managed Services Our robust managed services offerings give you and your customers peace of mind and include:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Proactive Health Checks
  • Upgrade Management
  • Advisory Services
  • Systems Report
  • System CIEM / SOS
  • Analyze and solve problems

Windows Performance Monitoring: Capabilities

Windows network monitoring and receive complete monitoring of Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems – including system metrics, service states, process states, performance counters, event logs, applications (IIS, Exchange, etc), services (Active Directory, DHCP, etc) and more.

Linux Monitoring

provides complete monitoring of Linux operating systems and distributions – including operating system metrics, service state, process state, file system usage, and more. When you use Nagios to monitor your Linux environment, you’re using one of the most powerful Linux monitoring tools on the planet.

Server Monitoring

is recognized as the top solution to monitor servers in a variety of different ways.  Server monitoring is made easy because of the flexibility to monitor your servers with and without agents.  With over 3500 different addons available to monitor your servers is fully capable of monitoring Windows servers, Linux servers, Unix servers, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Mac OS/X and more.

Application Monitoring

provides complete monitoring of applications and application state – including Windows applications, Linux applications, UNIX applications, and Web applications.

SNMP Monitoring

provides complete monitoring of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP is an “agentless” method of monitoring network devices and servers, and is often preferable to installing dedicated agents on target machines. Thousands of different network devices and operating systems from different vendors support SNMP for delivering critical information on health and usage metrics, service state, and more.

Log Monitoring and Management

provides complete monitoring and log management of application logs, log files, event logs, service logs, and system logs on Windows servers, Linux servers, and Unix servers. is capable of monitoring system logs, application logs, log files, and syslog data, and alerting you when a log pattern is detected.

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